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Caution, the naming convention of the firmware file has been changed, please read on for details.

The name of the firmware file up to the version u2_cAA_1.2.3.6_200325 for Uniflow-200 is uf200xpar.tar.gz.  The name is identical for all firmware versions.

The name of the firmware file newer than u2_cAA_1.2.3.6_200325 is uf200xparyymmdd.tar.gz, i.e. the name includes the date of issue in form of character string yymmdd (last 2 digits of the year, month and day).

Before updating the firmware in your UNIFLOW-200 please check the current version of the firmware in the menu Main menu/Parameters/General data/Version control.

If the current firmware version is older than 200325 and the file name of the new firmware includes the string yymmdd, then delete the string yymmdd from the name of the file, i.e. the file name to be downloaded should be uf200xpar.tar.gz.

If the current firmware version is 200325 or newer, the new firmware with file name uf200xparyymmdd.tar.gz shall be downloaded without modification. Any earlier firmware, without yymmdd string in the file name (i.e. uf200xpar.tar.gz) can also be downloaded into such device.

You will need an update code to update the firmware on the flow computer. Click here to calculate your update code.

Caution, firmware update in 2 steps might be required.

If the existing firmware in UNIFLOW-200 is older than 220502, then the firmware update should be performed in 2 steps.  First update the existing firmware to 220502 version (download link is available below).  After the update to 220502 version successfully completed (the flow computer restarted) update the firmware to the latest version.