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Industrial Flow Computer Development and Manufacturing

Natural gas plant

UNIFLOW-200 Multifunctional Flow Computer

Front Panel of the UNIFLOW-200 flow computer


Works with all fluids & flow meters, supports all standards.


Extremely robust & reliable, 3 years full warranty.


Multi-run and multi-station design, ideal for any application.


Flow meter costs as low as €600 per meter run.


Easy to use & maintain, no training required.

Top-notch support

Personal attention & exceptional customer care included.

Services Flow Metering System Solutions

References Companies using our flow computers

MOL Nyrt.

Natural gas custody transfer flow measurements, dozens of FC and data acquisition and process visualisation systems

EON Földgáz Storage Zrt.

Natural gas process flow measurements with ultrasonic meters at underground storage field, about 70 FC , gas composition management and process visualisation system.

GE Hungary Rt.

Process flow measurements (natural gas, industrial gases), FC, data acquisition and process visualisation system