The story of Process Control

Company history

Process Control Kft. as a company was founded in 1990 to solve industrial process control problems. Today our main activity is developing and producing instruments for process control purposes.

Our engineers and specialists have been working together since the middle of the 1980’s, which means the history of Process Control started more than 30 years ago.

Previous products

The company incorporates 30+ years experience in developing, operating and maintaining 4 consecutive generations of flow computers.

Our first product from 1986, the UNIFLOW-01 flow computer only supported orifice and turbine meters.

UNIFLOW-01 flow computer

UNIFLOW-10 and UNIFLOW-20 flow computers were panel mounted and had a single meter run only.

UNIFLOW-20 flow computer

UNIFLOW-100 with 8 meter runs supported a wider range of fluids and flow meters.

UNIFLOW-100 flow computer

UNIFLOW-200 is probably the most versatile and flexible flow computer on the market. It has 8 + 4 meter runs and it supports virtually all industrial flow meters. This is a photo of the initial design.

UNIFLOW-200 flow computer
Current product

UNIFLOW-200 got a design update recently, front panel colors and buttons were updated.

UNIFLOW-200 flow computer

Product development never stops

The key driving forces behind our product development are custom requests from our customers and the evolution of the industry. UNIFLOW-200 units around the world are regularly updated with new firmware to accommodate new or updated measurement standards.

No matter what type of fluid or flow meter, we deliver solutions you can calculate with.