Privacy policy

1.    Purpose of this document

The purpose of this document is to establish the privacy and data handling principles and the privacy policy of Process Control Kft. (Registered address: 2142 Nagytarcsa, Déri Miksa u. 10. A/7.)

Process Control Kft. (hereinafter referred to as Company or Us), while operating websites under and, is a data controller regarding to personal data entered by website visitors (hereinafter referred to as Users or Visitors) into various forms on the website and data collected by the analytics and advertising services we use.

The goal of this policy is to make sure that Users' rights, especially privacy rights are respected while personal data is being processed regarding to services provided by the Company.

2.    The company as data controller

Company name: Process Control Kft. (Ltd.)
Registered address: 2142 Nagytarcsa, Déri Miksa u. 10. A/7.
Phone number: +36 20 9452477
Email address: 

3.    Scope of personal data we collect at 
3.1.    Data submitted when requesting a product demo, product consultation, or phone callback
Visitors request a demo of our UNIFLOW-200 Flow Computers by submitting a form on our website. Following data is submitted:

  •  name,
  •  e-mail address,
  •  company name
  •  phone number.

After submitting the form we automatically send an e-mail that provides access to the demo. We store the data submitted indefinitely.

3.2.    Data submitted when registering a customer account
We provide product support for our customers through our  website at To get support, visitors need to register a customer account by submitting the following details:

  •  name,
  •  e-mail address,
  •  company name
  •  phone number.

After the data is submitted and the account is approved by us, customers can log in with their details and access firmware updates and update codes that are required to update firmware on the flow computers.

4.    Scope of personal data we collect at 

4.1.    Data submitted when registering an user account
Users may register an account on our website to access specific services. Data collected and stored when registering an account are:

  •  name,
  •  e-mail address,
  •  company name (optional)
  •  phone number (optional)

We use this data to 

  •  send various notifications to users about new content on the website
  •  send notifications regarding specific services we provide on the website
  •  provide personalized advertising through the advertising services we use.

5.    Scope of personal data we collect both at and 

5.1.    Technical data
While operating our websites we store certain automatically generated technical data for statistical purposes. These details are impossible to match with personal data.

5.2.    Cookies

Our website stores multiple cookies - small files containing a character sequence - on the computer of the visitor.
By default these cookies are impossible to use for unique identification of the visitor, they only serve statistical purposes. We only use them to analyze and improve the services provided through our website.

Cookies that can be used to uniquely identify visitors are only stored if the visitor gives their explicit consent to store these cookies in a small popup bar appearing on the website.

Such cookies are provided by Google and Facebook and they are utilized through Google Ads and Facebook Ads advertising systems. These cookies are only stored when visiting certain subpages on the website and we only store the event of visiting those subpages.

These cookies are used to store the fact that the visitor has visited specific areas of our website and based on the cookies stored, we might show you ads through Google and Facebook's advertising systems.

Cookies we use

Session cookies:
Session cookies are deleted automatically after visiting the website and they are used for certain functions and services we provide through the website. (e.g. logging in)

Persistent cookies:
We use persistent cookies to improve the visitor experience (e.g. optimized navigation). These cookies are stored in the browser for a longer period of time specified by the visitor's browser settings.

Statistical cookies:
External servers (Google and Facebook Analytics) help us measure visits to our website.
Cookies from Google Analytics are stored in personally not identifiable way with IP addresses anonymized and display options (that allow retargeting visitors with ads) disabled.

Advertising cookies:
Cookies that allow retargeting visitors with ads are only stored if the visitor gives explicit consent.
Removing and disabling cookies:
Most browsers have detailed information in their "Help" section about:

  •  How to disable cookies,
  •  How to enable cookies again,
  •  How to turn off specific cookies.

6.    Legal basis for data handling

6.1.    Data handling is always carried out on the basis of voluntary consent given by visitors where they explicitly state that they allow their data to be handled in accordance with this policy. Legal basis of data handling is voluntary consent of the visitor as described in Hungarian law CXII.. 5.§ (1) section. a) point from year 2011. and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council.

Consent is given by using the website and/or voluntarily providing data when filling out forms on the website.

6.2.    The goal of data handling is to provide the services available through the website and to supply visitors with the requested information. We only use the data provided by visitors for the reasons specified in this policy.

6.3.    The goal of automatically stored anonymous data is to provide statistics and improve our service.

6.4.    We do not and may not use any personal data provided for other reasons than the ones specified in this policy. Forwarding personal data to third parties can only happen with explicit prior permission of the visitor. (Except for cases where the law requires us to forward any data.)

6.5.    We do not verify any personal details provided. Only the person submitting personal data is responsible for the correctness of submitted data. When submitting e-mail addresses the visitor takes responsibility to only ever provide their own e-mail address. Based on this, any and all actions committed after logging in with a specific email address are the responsibility of the person who registered that e-mail address.

7.    Duration of data handling

7.1.    Handling of personal data submitted through forms on the website starts with submission of the form and ends with deletion of the submitted data.
Rules of deleting data:

  •  Data submitted in accordance with 3.1. is stored for one year after the date of submission and is deleted within 3 working days on request. 
  •  Data submitted when registering customer support accounts as per 3.2. is never deleted by default as the update codes generated on the website are stored together with the details of the person requesting the update code.
  •  Data submitted when registering a user account at is stored until the user account exists. Users are free to delete their accounts and the 

7.2.    Above provisions do not concern cases where we are required by law to store data for a different period of time and do not concern cases where data was provided with consent given in a different way.

8.    Data transmission and processing

8.1.    Submitted data is only meant to be accessible for our colleagues and is never meant to be made public or forwarded to third parties.

8.2.    To operate certain computer systems and to provide certain services we may involve external parties as data processors.

Data processors:

For advertising: Google and Facebook

For on-line marketing and operation of our website systems: Balla Péter ev.

8.3.    We handle visitors' personal data in a traceable way and in accordance with legal requirements. Beyond the cases above personal data is only forwarded to third parties when explicit consent is given by our users or when authorities legally require us to forward data.

9.    Rights of users and options for enforcement of rights

9.1.    Users may request information at any time about our handling of any of their data and may request modification or deletion of their handled data.

9.2.    Some users (support customers) may modify their personal details themselves after logging in to their account on our website. 

9.3.    Upon request we provide detailed information about the personal data we handle ourselves or through our data processors, the source of the data, the purpose and legal basis of data handling, the duration of data handling, the name and address of the data processor, the activities in context of the data handling and about any data privacy incidents, effects of those incidents and activities carried out to mitigate the effects. We provide this information on writing within 3 working days after receiving a request.

9.4.    Users can exercise the rights specified above by contacting us using the details below:
Mailing address:     2142 Nagytarcsa, Déri Miksa u. 10. A/7.
Email address: 
Customer service:     +36 20 9452477
Users may contact us with any question or comment regarding data processing and handling using the contact details above.

9.5.    Users may request rectification or deletion of any of their stored data at any time.

9.6.    Users may request blocking their data. We block all personal data if the user requests that or if we can assume that deletion would violate the interests of the user. Data blocked in such way may only be handled until there is a reason that locks out the possibility of deleting the data.

Any data processors who previously received the data should be informed about rectification, deletion or blockage of the data, except if neglecting such information does not violate the interests of the user.
If we refuse rectification, blocking or deletion of personal data upon request, we will provide justification of our refusal within 30 days of receving the request.

Users may object handling of their personal data. In case of such objection the case is investigated within 15 days and the user is informed in writing about the outcome of the investigation.

9.7.    Users may apply to National Data Protection Authority (Nemzeti Adatvédelmi és Információszabadság Hatóság, 1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/c.; or any Hungarian court to enforce their rights.

9.8.    If the user provided unauthorized personal data of a third party while using our services and caused damage with that, we are entitled to demand compensation for the damages. In such cases we will do everything in our power to help the authorities identify the person responsible.

10.    Usage of email addresses

10.1.    We take special care about lawful handling of any email addresses provided by our users.

10.2.    Handling of email addresses is primarily carried out to identify our users and provide them with information related to the services we provide.

10.3.    Sometimes when changes about our services or our general conditions occur, we notify our users about such changes through email.

10.4.    Newsletters
We only send newsletters and advertisements by email to users who gave their explicit consent to receive such communications from us, and only in accordance with the respective regulations. Such newsletters contain direct marketing elements and advertisements. When sending newsletters, we only ever use details submitted by the user.
In case of newsletters we handle personal data of the users until they "unsubscribe" from the newsletter using the link at the bottom of any newsletter we send. Unsubscribing is always free and effective immediately.

11.    Other provisons

11.1.    Our systems may record details from our users' activity that are impossible to connect with personal data submitted during registration, nor are they possible to connect with data submitted while using other websites or services.

11.2.    Any cases where the data we handle is to be used for a purpose different from the original purpose, we will request prior consent from the user and we will provide the opportunity to forbid such use.

11.3.    We commit ourselves to maintain the security of personal data and to carry out technical measures that protect the data we store, handle and process against destroying, unauthorized use or change. Any third parties we use as data processors will always be required to commit themselves to the same obligations.

11.4.    We reserve the right to modify this policy. Any modifications will be published on our websites.