Calibration laboratory


In 2001 we established our Calibration Laboratory - compliant with the requirements of the standard EN ISO/IEC 17025 - first of all to calibrate our products. So we can provide an easy and flexible way our partners in their obligation to perform periodic calibration of instruments obligated by their quality control systems.

We are able to calibrate flow computers and mA/mA, Ohm/mA, mV/mA and Hz/mA converters.

Partner friendly relations, respects:

  • We provide a standard calibration report (stating the accuracy of the input and output channels) and another one on request, specific for the particular application (stating the accuracy of the calculated flow rates).
  • We perform calibration in a very short period (one day calibration is possible if agreed in advance), maximum a couple of days.
  • We can provide replacement instrument while your flow computer is being calibrated on contractual basis.
  • We offer very friendly prices for calibration.